Don’t Rely on Snail Mail. E-Pay is Fast, Reliable, and Secure.

[6/14/2022] DayStarr customers’ full range of digital services already know the value we deliver through our state-of-the-art, fiber-based broadband solutions.

But we encourage our valued customers who are still paying by check or money order to consider taking another digital step.

We’d like you to explore the advantages of electronic billing and payments (e-pay) and automatic payments (autopay)!

E-pay means you receive your invoice each month by email or text and can pay online by mobile app or on our website. Autopay means payments happen automatically, at the same time, and from the same account each month, based on how you set it up.

You can choose e-pay and autopay together or only use e-pay, but either way, the result is easy, fast, and secure processing of your monthly DayStarr bill.

Here’s a bit more on the advantages of digital payment options.

Avoid Late Fees with AutoPay

Have you noticed how long it can take to send and receive physical mail?

You’re not alone.

In October 2021, the USPS announced new service standards that lengthen the delivery time for first-class mail to five business days.

We hear from customers it now takes up to seven days or more for mail to be delivered.

Here at DayStarr offers both electronic billing and autopay. You can sign up to receive and pay your monthly bills through any internet-connected device with a few clicks.

It’s easy to have your bill automatically paid from the bank or credit union account of your choice. In addition, you can select a recurring day for the bill to be paid each month.

Autopay saves time and eliminates the need to write a check. And don’t worry, you can switch payment methods anytime you wish. In fact, you can go back to using paper, pen, and post office anytime you wish.

The Security of E-Billing and AutoPay

In addition to being convenient and timely, digital payments add another element that snail mail simply can’t match: security and peace of mind.

At DayStarr we use industry-standard software and services to ensure your payment and your personal information are secure. It’s much safer than signing a physical check and sending it through mail service where it changes hands many times.

The hassle-free convenience of electronic billing and autopay is available to our customers who rely on us for our fiber internet, streaming TV, digital phone, and business services.

Register HERE to get started. You can also call us at 989-720-6000.

Together we can eliminate unnecessary late fees and add even more value to your digital relationship and experience.