Local Cable Providers Owosso MI

Hi! We’re DayStarr Communications, a locally owned high-speed Internet and phone service provider. It’s nice to meet you. We take ourselves seriously, but not too seriously.

Our Brand Story

Founded in 2001, DayStarr Communications provides the fastest and most advanced fiber-based communication services in Shiawassee County and parts of Clinton County to businesses and residential customers. We specialize in high-speed internet up to 1000M (1G), telephone service with local and long-distance phone service with high-definition voice and bundled cable TV packages, as well as cloud-based phone systems to businesses, and wholesale services such as TDM and Ethernet through our fiber lines.

Needless to say, we are passionate about technology and how it can benefit our customers! Our #1 priority though? You! We provide unsurpassed, personal, TIMELY customer service – something you simply won’t find with a national carrier.

Our Values

DayStarr holds the following values in high regard:

Honesty: We will always be open with our clients, even if it means we have to refer them somewhere else where their needs can be better met.

Integrity: We will always do the right thing for the people we work with and for, even if the decision is a difficult one.

Fair pricing: We will never bait-and-switch or gouge our customers to make a profit. Instead, we will provide value for their money.

Accountability: We will always take responsibility for our actions and work to resolve issues that are affecting our customers, employees or community relationships, even if it means partnering with a competitor to find a solution.

Quality & Technology: We will only deliver the best product using the best technology available to us. We won’t settle for “good enough.”

Our Personality

Every company has a personality, just like every person does. We strive to be:

    • Friendly/Personable
    • Fun
    • Responsible
    • Caring
    • Genuine
  • Good Communicators


Our Core Brand Attributes

    • Committed to positive customer experience
    • Personable and fun
    • Technology experts
    • Reliable
    • Loyal
    • Quality Product
    • Forward-thinking
    • Relationship builders
    • Community-oriented
  • Affordable

Because DayStarr is a local company, you will always be greeted quickly by an actual person. What a breath of fresh air!

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