Frequently Asked Questions – After Installation

VM set up
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Adding buttons

Ringing out in other areas of a shop floor or larger space


Max UC info

  1. Installation install Max UC from the App store or the Apple Store
  2. Open the app and press “Log in”. You will need to allow all notifications
  3. Press Log in Manually
  4. Find Daystarr Communications
  5. Leave all settings checked and press “Accept & Continue”
  6. Enter your Phone number associated with our service and the password is __________
  7. Press Continue
  8. Press Skip
  9. Allow background
  10. This is it. We are now in Your phone. Any calls within the app will be masked. You can read voicemails, add contacts, and many more.

Using your Yealink desk phone at home.
You will need an additional power cord from Daystarr ($10.60).
You can either plug in an ethernet cord to the back of your wireless router or go to settings and use wifi.
You may also have to make adjustment on your wireless router. SIP alg must be turned off. Or you may have to turn off uPnP. To find where you change your setting, searching the internet is your best bet