1. Browse to http://www.daystarrfiber.net/payments
  2. Enter your account number (it is an 11 digit number)
  3. You will then be asked to enter the email address associated with your account
  4. Click Continue to Step 2
  5. Enter a password making sure to follow the requirements
  6. Click Continue to Step 3
  7. Fill out the following fields.
    • Discontinue Paper – Check this box to stop receiving paper statements
    • Email – Registered email address (can be used to sign in, also will receive notifications)
    • New Cycle Statement – Check this box if you want to be emailed when a new statement is available
    • Password Help – Check this box to receive an email for password help
    • Quick Hint – A hint as to what your password is
    • Challenge Question – A question you must answer to recover the password
    • Challenge Answer – An answer to the Challenge Question
  8. Click Done when completed.  You are now finished!