For DayStarr customers that use Daystarr supplied phones, you are set up already to work remotely. Follow the steps below that will best fit your needs. 

1 – MaXUC – Cell Phone Login and Desktop Login

Free trial offered on MaXUC during this time of COVID-19. 

2 – CommPortal This comes with your DayStarr supplied phones. 

To access CommPortal type the following into a web browser – 

Number is your desk phone number (pick up your handset to see that number if you do not know) and type in password. If you do not know either your desk number or password, email: or contact us at 989-720-6000. 

Features included with CommPortal:

This comes included with your DayStarr supplied phones at no extra charge. 

3 – Take your physical phone to your remote site. 

4 – DayStarr customers without DayStarr supplied phones. 

If you are experiencing an outage or slow internet speeds at home, click here and follow the steps to troubleshoot your network or contact DayStarr for remote assistance.