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2293-3940 Krouse Rd

Sign-Ups: We are at 60% of our goal to build.

Estimated Date of Completion: TBD

construction CONSTRUCTION
installation INSTALLATION

Current Phase: Gathering Interest

Before DayStarr embarks on the journey to extend our high-speed fiber network to new areas, we engage in a crucial preliminary step known as the Gathering Interest Phase. This phase is instrumental in determining the feasibility of expanding our services to your community. Here’s what the Gathering Interest Phase entails and how you can be a part of this exciting potential development:

  1. Community Engagement: DayStarr reaches out to residents within the potential expansion area to gauge interest in our high-speed fiber internet services. This process helps us understand whether there is sufficient demand to justify the infrastructure investment in your community.

  2. Expressing Interest: Residents are encouraged to show their interest in signing up for DayStarr’s services. This can be done through various channels provided by DayStarr, such as an online interest form, email, or direct contact with our team. Expressing interest is a critical step that directly influences our decision to move forward with construction in your area.

  3. No Obligation: During this phase, expressing interest is entirely without obligation. It simply indicates that you would consider DayStarr as your internet service provider should we extend our network to your area. Your input is valuable in shaping our expansion plans.

  4. Information Collection: As part of gathering interest, we may collect basic information to better understand your needs and preferences for internet service. This information will also help us keep you informed about the progress of our expansion efforts and any upcoming steps should your area be selected.

  5. Community Threshold: For an area to be considered for expansion, a certain threshold of interested residents must be met. This threshold varies depending on the size and logistics of the area. DayStarr will communicate what this threshold is and keep the community updated on the interest levels received.

  6. Next Steps: If sufficient interest is gathered, DayStarr will proceed to the next phases of planning and construction, bringing us one step closer to offering high-speed fiber internet to your home.

Your support and interest during this phase are crucial. By expressing your desire for DayStarr’s services, you play a pivotal role in bringing cutting-edge internet connectivity to your community. Join us in this initial step towards a more connected future!


Help move your neighborhood closer to getting the DayStarr experience. Simply click on sign up and complete the form. This committment will help move us closer to building your area. There is a small $50 deposit that is fully refundable if you choose not to move forward with DayStarr service.