Employee Feature: Logan Rose

[12/19/2022] Please join us in welcoming one of the newer members of the DayStarr Team, Logan Rose. Logan is an intern on our team and you may notice he looks very familiar. Kind of like a younger version of someone else on our team perhaps?? If you were thinking that you are correct because he is our very own Collin Rose’s son.

Some of Logan’s responsibilities here are DayStarr include learning to splice fiber, helping design maps for our underground builds, and assisting with the preparation of permits. When asked, Logan said his favorite thing about working for DayStarr is learning new, on-the-job skills.

When Logan isn’t in the office he enjoys attending church, reading, and playing chess. Logan was born and raised in Owosso and is homeschooled. If you get the opportunity make sure to welcome Logan to our growing DayStarr team.