Kid-Friendly Tablets for Summer Learning (and fun!)

[7/01/2022] While most kids can’t wait for the summer holiday off from school and studying, we know most parents are…less excited about it. And parents can downright dread the infamous “summer slide”—the inevitable drop-off of learning progress that comes from their child’s lengthy time away from the daily school learning structure.

Thankfully, technology can help alleviate this concern. The internet offers a variety of online tools. And technology enables learning and studying outside the structure of a classroom. Today, many kid-friendly tablets are available that are easy to operate and help your child access and utilize those materials during their summer break.

When the right tablet combines with reliable high-speed fiber internet provided by DayStarr, you’ll keep your child’s learning and educational enrichment up all summer long.

With an eye toward parental control, durability with protective cases against drops, and general ease of use, we’ve compiled a list of the best tablet options for your children.

We include our best overall recommended option and suggest tablets based on operating systems you may prefer or educational resources and libraries your child’s school may utilize. We hope one of these tablets will keep your kids engaged in learning while having fun this summer.

Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Edition

Sporting an impressive 10-inch display size and numerous parent-favored features, Amazon’s Fire HD 10 Kids Edition may be the best overall option on this list.

Its built-in protective case can be easily handled and held by your child. The tablet is made from durable and sturdy rubberized material, so you have extra peace of mind when the inevitable drops and slips happen.

The Fire HD 10 Kids Edition also has parental controls to help you monitor and control tablet usage. We also love Amazon’s generous replacement policy, which lasts two years from the purchase date. Amazon also makes this tablet in a smaller size, the Fire HD 8 Kids Edition, so check that out if you’d prefer a lighter option.

Lenovo 10E

If you’re looking for a Chromebook tablet for your child, the Lenovo 10E is a solid choice.

Its battery life clocks in at over 16 hours, ensuring plenty of time for homework and play, on just a single charge. The Lenovo 10E also features a powerful Dragontail Pro glass screen, which helps make the tablet more durable. If your child’s school uses the Chrome Ecosystem for some of its educational resources, the Lenovo 10E could be the best option on this list.

Apple iPad (9th gen, 2021)

Now, we know what you’re thinking— “do I really want to put an iPad into my kid’s hands for their first tablet?”

Well, hear us out because, as you likely know, an iPad offers more features and can be used for many different purposes. Investing in an iPad for your child may be a better longer-term purchase as they age and grow. And by choosing an earlier model like the 2021 9th generation iPad, you can save money, while enjoying Apple’s outstanding quality, speed, and apps.

You’ll just probably also want to invest in a protective iPad case to take care of the investment!

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7

For parents who prefer an Android-based device for their child, Samsung’s Galaxy Tab A7 boasts loads of features at a more competitive price than Apple’s iPad.

Utilizing Android’s latest software (currently Android 11) and all the app options available in the Google Play Store, your child will have a powerful tablet to use for learning while enjoying its versatility.

The Galaxy Tab A7 also lets parents enable controls and settings to add extra protection and safety for their kids’ browsing. You can monitor and limit their device usage and screen time, as well.

While technology is always changing and improving, we believe you can be confident that any of the above tablets will help make this summer more enriching for your child while sustaining their educational progress. And once you’ve selected their tablet, be sure to connect your child’s new device to our high-speed fiber internet so they can start exploring!