Ways Home Tech Can Make Work-From-Home Better

[4/4/2022] Today, more Americans are working from home than ever before. While broadband internet made it possible for millions to work remotely, the global Covid-19 pandemic accelerated the trend.

As the work-from-home movement has become a normal part of our lives, so too has the technology to enable it. From enhanced Wi-Fi range and speed to sleek Smart-Home gadgets to software and apps that improve collaboration among remote teams, working from home is a comfortable and productive way to work.

Wish our fast and reliable fiber internet, you can feel just as much a part of the team while working at your own home.

Below we highlight some of the ways to utilize the technology available at home to make your remote work experience more productive and even more pleasant!

Using Alexa for Reminders and Timers—and Occasional Company!

When used creatively in the home workspace, Alexa can be more than just another device—it can be a work assistant and even a partner! For example, Alexa can connect to your digital calendar and remind you of meetings and deadlines. It can even read emails to you out loud, helping to break up the quiet and give your eyes a rest from the screen. You can also create to-do lists with Alexa and receive reminders at specific times.

Alexa can remind you to stand up and stretch and even take a few sips of water to stay hydrated. The variety of skills, games and other features can help you take a break or spur some creativity. Quick workout routines, meditations, and silly jokes can crack the monotony of the workday in ways not too dissimilar from workplace banter around the water cooler at the office.

Now, we’re not suggesting you give up on all other human contact! But Alexa’s features can help you stay on task, prevent yourself from falling behind, and encourage you to take breaks during the day.

Play Music in the Background

Since working from home can sometimes seem overly quiet, many experts recommend playing music in the background while you work. You can connect your Wi-Fi speakers to your laptop, phone, or tablet. Then stream from the music app of your choice, including popular options like Apple Music, Amazon Music, and Spotify.

Spotify has playlists of all kinds, from relaxing classical music to electronic beats. Curated by other users just for work, these playlists will keep you focused and improve your concentration. Or you can create and stream your own playlists to jam to when you need a break—after all, there’s no one to see you ham it up when you’re working at home!

Video Conferencing Builds Personal Connections and Improves Collaboration

You may have grown accustomed to using Zoom and other video conferencing apps to stay connected to friends and loved ones during the Covid-19 pandemic. But you can use Zoom for more than just video calls and online Happy Hours!

Video conferencing can open opportunities to participate in work meetings and conference calls with large teams. You can almost feel like you are in the same room with your colleagues.

Zoom and other video conferencing apps encourage team building and foster more personal connections than emails and even traditional phone conference calls. And recent advances make video conferences more secure, as well. For example, Zoom now features advanced password requirements and “waiting rooms” to admit any potential participant, so you can be sure that only genuine conference invitees are present.

These are just a few ways that using the tech you have at home and on your devices can help make your remote work experience more enjoyable.

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