Newly Completed in Our Network

[3/25/2021] We have just completed what we call SC10. This area borders at E King St. to the north then follows N Water St. to the west, tracking down E Oliver St as a southern border until we reach N Saginaw St. and then we track south again to E Exchange St. The eastern border fills into the area that we completed around Emerson School back on 10/15/2020. Roughly using Oak St as a border until reaching E Oliver St where N Saginaw becomes the eastern border.

We are signing up new customers up in this area now! If you or someone you know lives within this area, let them know that they can now get DayStarr Fiber!!

Next, we will be working on what we call SC19. SC19 is our first Fiber Service Area on the southern side of town. Building in the general area of Bryant School will be our area of focus for 2021. The first area will pick up our feed at Stewart St, using Michigan Ave and S Shiawassee St. as an eastern border, tracking down to W South St. for a south border. S Cedar St. acts as a western border for this first area and runs the full length north to the railroad tracks as our northern border. We plan for this area to be complete this June and we’ll start taking signups for this area at the beginning of the summer.