New and Improved Online Services

[3/25/2021] This year has already seen some exciting growth and new features for our company and team! One of those things being, online signups. From our website, new customers can now check their availability and if service is indeed available, they can sign up right then and there. This opens a ticket in our systems which then notifies our team to get them on our install calendar. We also added online scheduling as well!

We are looking forward to the efficiency of online sign-ups. This feature will be convenient for new customers and saving them time. Since we launched it just a couple of weeks ago, we have already seen multiple signups while we slept. How great is that? We sleep, and you sign-up!

Another new and exciting online service is our online chat support. This chat is accessed through a bubble on the bottom right corner of our website and connects you directly with our team. This chat is great for any internet questions and quick troubleshooting if needed. We are currently monitoring this chat between 8:30am and 4:30pm, Monday through Friday.

Any new or existing customer is more than welcome to still call the office and talk to a team member if wanted or needed. Our personal touch is not going away.