Employee Community Service Program

[3/25/2021] DayStarr as a whole has always been committed to serving our community. Both by providing excellent service and by volunteering when we can. That is why we are happy to announce the launch of our Employee Community Service Program.

Here’s how this exciting employee program works. Anytime a full-time employee volunteers in Owosso or surrounding communities, they can submit a form to their supervisor. The hours volunteered then earn said employee extra vacation time. Who doesn’t love that?! These volunteer hours can be earned on nights and weekends, or during business hours with supervisor approval. Each employee is eligible for up to 8 earned hours of community service time, each year!

This being said, our annual Give Back Day is not going away. We still have plans for this event to take place every summer/fall. This annual, all-day event is an opportunity for our team to volunteer together as a whole. A fun day out of the office, team building, and community service all wrapped into one event. Our new program will add to our company’s community involvement as well as allow and encourage employees to volunteer in our wonderful community more often.