Providing You with the Highest Level of Service

[12/17/2020] Over the years our number of subscribers has grown and continues to as we build our network. From the beginning, we have always strived to give all our customers an excellent customer experience, from their initial interaction when signing up for service, to installation, and beyond. We believe our customers deserve the best!

As our customer base grows, we are determined to continue this high level of service. It is for this reason that we have partnered with CNI to help with customer support. CNI will be helping us with after-hours calls as well as days our office may be closed on weekends, holidays, or company events. CNI is an Ohio company, that shares our commitment to excellence in customer experience.

The phone number to reach them will be the same number you call now and there will still be an option to leave us a message directly for us to respond to the following business day. The highly trained support technicians at CNI will be able to do initial troubleshooting and check DayStarr customer equipment and your account status. If needed CNI can contact one of our team members to assist if the issue is more hands-on.

We are happy to bring CNI on as a partner and know this will be a great addition to our after-hours customer service. You can read more about CNI here: