DayStarr Giveback Day

[12/17/2020] Earlier this fall we had the opportunity to volunteer for many nonprofits in Shiawassee County, including Child Advocacy Center, DeVries, Respite, SafeCenter and, The YMCA Camp. “We really enjoy giving back to our wonderful community and try to schedule a Give Back Day at least once a year,” said Collin Rose, DayStarr President.

At each location we worked as needed, most tasks being outside work, like raking leaves and cleaning gutters. We even fixed a broken fence. We also spent a part of the day cleaning up around Downtown Owosso.

Each year our employees look forward to Give Back Day, not just to do something out of their normal workday, but they also get the opportunity to work with other DayStarr employees they don’t work closely within the normal day to day at DayStarr. “Not only are we giving back to the community, but we’re also growing stronger as a DayStarr team,” said Aaron Lobb, DayStarr Finance Director.

As always, we are looking forward to our next Give Back Day to further serve our community.