[3/27/2020] This month the Accession app will be renamed MaX UC.  MaX UC (formerly Accession) allows complete integration of your mobile device with your desk phone or can even be used in place of a physical desk phone.  Most of us use multiple devices, so having a way to work seamlessly between a mobile and desk phone is becoming a necessary part of business. We are delighted to be able to offer this great software as part of our communications solution.

The rebranded app icon will look like the icon on the left. If you already have the Accession app you will need to perform an update to see the new name, look and features.  This update will happen automatically, on or around March 31st for most users, however if the update doesn’t happen you may need to force the update to continue using the app.
If you do not already have the app we’d love to talk to you about it. There is a monthly charge to add the app to your service plan. You will need to coordinate with our office to activate this app.  
Once again thank you for choosing us as your partner for all of your communication needs.