[12/19/2019] We are excited to announce that after completing Indian Rock subdivision we have now also completed Kelly Jo Estates and Gould Woods. If you or someone you know lives in any of these three areas, you are now eligible for DayStarr Fiber Internet Service! 

After completing Gould Woods, we have been working down Copas road to finish up what we call SC24. On Copas, SC24 reaches from Jason Lee Drive to North Hintz Road. We plan to have this completed by the end of 2019. Looking at the early part of 2020 SC24 will also incorporate Hazleton Road, Cross Street, Fairview Ave., Venice Ave., and Dowling Pl. off of Hintz Road. 

We are looking forward to another year of expanding our network in 2020. We are also eager to signing up as many customers as we can this Christmas season as we spread the gift of high speed.