[08/27/2019] We are eager to announce that the Indian Rock subdivision is now complete! If you or someone you know live in the Indian Rock subdivision you can now get connected with the best Fiber Internet in Shiawassee County. 

Next up, we are headed to Kelly Jo Estates at the corner on Copas. We expect completion at the end of August. Residents in Kelly Jo Estates can call or visit the office to get their service agreement now and be ready to roll when construction is complete! 

We are also extending our network east on Hibbard Road in Corunna between State Road and M71. This area is scheduled to be completed sometime in September. 

After Kelly Jo Estates and Hibbard are complete, we will be heading into Gould Woods. If you or someone you know live in Gould Woods expect to see some DayStarr vehicles in the next few months. 

We can’t wait to hook up new customers with these builds and continue to grow our network!