[08/27/2019] Many of you may have enjoyed our new music video “Can’t Stop the Fiber.” If you haven’t, we’d love to have you check it out on Facebook or YouTube! While you are there, make sure you subscribe so you can enjoy all our great content. We had a blast creating it and we apologize in advance if it gets stuck in your head.

While groovin’ to the memorable tune you might recognize the voices of our very own Aaron Lobb, Jared Jackson, and David Black. With the help of Sovis Productions, our team recorded our spin on Justin Timberlake’s “Can’t Stop the Feeling.” 

After spending some quality time in the recording studio, we captured some great video footage. You may have seen many of our team members running around Owosso in “Can’t Stop the Fiber” t-shirts and dancing to our catchy jingle! We visited local businesses including the Owosso Community Players, Gilbert’s Hardware & Appliance, eXp Realty, and Youngs Chevrolet Cadillac. These businesses had the “pleasure” of hearing the song serval times while enjoying the DayStarr Team’s best dance moves. See it all in the full-length video!

A shortened version of the video is running at NCG Owosso during the preshow. Be sure to check it out before the previews, or it may just pop up as an ad on your social media feed!