[6/29/2018] There are a lot of mediocre companies with average employee morale and high turnover. In today’s fast-paced business world, it’s easy to focus solely on what’s going on with your clients and overlook the condition of your internal team. However, that isn’t good for anybody.

Last year, we evaluated DayStarr’s company culture. The results showed that things weren’t bad, but could be better. Because of this, we decided to revamp our core values to get everyone on the same page, improve our employee experience, and consistently deliver on our promises to our customers.

Our three core values not only define how we interact with our employees and peers but also our customers.

DayStarr’s 3 Core Values

  1. We Share a Unity of Purpose
  2. We Respect and Support One Another
  3. The Customers’ Experience is Everyone’s Priority

While there is a lot more detail that goes into what our core values mean, these are the big-picture principles that guide our team. DayStarr prides itself on being a fun place to work – where people can expand their talent, enjoy their family life, and feel empowered to make a positive difference. We want that to be the standard for years to come, and so we thought we should be proactive about fostering an atmosphere of growth.

To make sure these core values are understood and upheld, we created a reward system. We have a bi-weekly team meeting to recognize one individual for exemplary conduct and award them with a gift. The meeting also serves as an excellent way for the team to check in, ask questions, and encourage one another. We hope that by taking care of our internal team, our customers and community will also benefit.