[4/1/2018]  Frustrated with the hassles of cable TV? You’re not alone. Streaming continues to rise in popularity as the preferred choice for online programming. Today’s consumers demand the flexibility and consistency streaming offers. People are no longer willing to wait for prime-time scheduling or deal with the frustrations of inconsistent cable service.

So, what’s the key to gaining access to hundreds of shows at the drop of a hat? A reliable high-speed internet connection. Before we dig into that, let’s take a closer look at the benefits of streaming, who the top providers are, and how you can successfully cut the cord.


Benefits of Streaming TV

If you’re not yet convinced streaming is the answer, here are a few of the main benefits consumers love.

Choose the Provider You Want

A few years ago, there were only a handful of players in the streaming game. Today, more and more providers are emerging. One of the best ways to determine which option will offer you the shows you want, at your target price, is to use a comparison tool.

The tool we currently recommend is Untangle – a cord-cutting website designed to help you select your ideal streaming service. Untangle’s questionnaire will have you select your preferred network, shows, and viewing times. The site will then analyze your choices and generate the best and most affordable streaming options. Keep in mind, Untangle does not adequately cover local channel options. However, YouTube TV, Sling TV, and DirecTV each offer a selection of local channels.

DayStarr is currently creating our own comparison tool that will enable you to compare providers and devices. We will announce once the tool is available.

The most popular providers include:

Still not sure which provider is best for you? Most offer a short trial you can use for free before you commit.

Your Key to High-Speed Internet Access

If you live in Owosso or the surrounding area, DayStarr’s fiber internet will keep your favorite shows streaming, all day and all night. DayStarr offers the most advanced technology for streaming and has the expertise you need to enjoy a seamless experience.

Specializing in helping consumers cut the cable cord, DayStarr offers the best internet in the area through our growing fiber network. More than 2,000 customers currently have access to our fiber internet. If you’re not in our service area today, don’t worry – in the next few years, we plan to reach the entire city of Owosso and several neighboring areas.

Want to know if you qualify for DayStarr’s fiber internet? Check out the Service Availability Tool on our website!

Need More Info?

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