[4/1/2018] On a dreary winter day, we had an idea. To celebrate the Winter Olympics by engaging in our own talent competition (and we use the word “talent” very loosely here).

Our games began on February 13th and ran through the 21st. We filmed our “friendly” competitions and posted the videos on YouTube daily. Our mission? To have a few good laughs, brighten our employees’ week, and introduce our team to the community in a unique way.

DayStarr is known for having a positive and rewarding work environment, but we knew this was an excuse to have even a little more fun than usual during the long Michigan winter. And let’s be honest, DayStarr team members are willing to do pretty much anything to win a package of candy (the highly coveted prizes for medal winners).

To get a peek into the action, watch the first event: the Lineman Bolt Toss. Want to watch the entire series? Tune into our YouTube Playlist.  

So, who were the teams?

If you think our team names were creative, you should take a look at the events:

The contestants proved to be multi-talented and tackled every event with heart, commitment, and a whole lot of confidence. No participation awards were given. Congratulations to the City Slickers for reigning supreme and snagging the overall Gold Medal!