[4/1/2018] CLH Insurance (most commonly known as Cadwallader Lord Hahn) has been serving its customers faithfully since 1903! CLH started out as a family-owned business, and while they have expanded significantly over the last century, they still put their people first – whether that’s their customers or their staff. The firm is well-respected and known for high-quality service, honesty, and reliability. CLH employees serve on many community boards and committees and are the first to volunteer for fundraisers and community events.

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Mike Ardelean, CLH President, is a former Citizen of the Year, an award given out by the Shiawassee Regional Chamber of Commerce annually. In a recent interview, Mike shared that CLH loves to do business with local establishments and to give back to the local community. Their commitment to serving their customers well is one of the reasons they choose DayStarr for their internet service.

The CLH team relies on fast and reliable internet speeds to deliver on the promises they have made. Mike shared, “The fiber [internet] is irreplaceable for our business. The longer we have to watch a screen change is time for our people and money it costs us. [Our business] lives by the internet.”

DayStarr and CLH work together to ensure CLH has the technology solutions it needs to be successful. CLH values — and relies heavily upon — DayStarr’s fiber internet so its phone and online services are not interrupted. Because relationships are so valuable to both organizations, it’s been a win-win “connection!”