[11/22/2017]  Davis Cartage Co. is a family-owned regional warehouse and transportation company. Since 1941, they have been known for their high-level of service and smooth logistics standards. They offer same day and next day delivery within Michigan and the Great Lakes region, including Canada! Talk about impressive.

We had a chance to sit down with Glen Merkel, President & Chairman of Davis Cartage, and he shared with us that if they lose their internet connection, business is basically dead.

Given that their trucking division sends out 40 truckloads per day and 98% of their business is done over the internet, it’s pretty important that they have reliable internet services. Their staff relies on the internet to obtain customer orders, communicate with truckers, and ensure timelines are met.

The team at Davis Cartage has been fantastic to work with, and we appreciate their enthusiasm and desire to get the most out of their internet service. As a big supporter and reliable employer to our local region, it’s companies like theirs that make a lasting impact.

Be sure to watch their testimonial video and visit their website for more information!