[Newsletter 8/29/2017] Sorry, no one had a baby, but we DID add another bucket truck to the DayStarr fleet. As our scheduling needs increase, we wanted to have more flexibility when it comes to our install schedule.

Why should you care that we got another truck? Well, it means our team can address multiple installations at the same time! Not to mention, it gives us more flexibility in our scheduling requirements. 

As you know, speed, efficiency, and productivity are pretty important around here – especially when it comes to getting the good people of Shiawassee County fiber internet. With more and more residential and commercial clients requesting DayStarr service, we knew we had to make an investment so our crews could keep up with the work. Thanks for giving us a reason to get a new toy!

A special thanks to Agnew Sign Co. for the design – they are a great local company with fantastic service! When you see our crew driving around in this new shiny truck, be sure to say hello!