[Newsletter 6/6/17] You can thank your lucky stars that your internet speeds aren’t tied to how quickly the DayStarr team can run!  A big thank you to all of our friends and family who came out to support us for the race!

On June 3rd, several of our team members put up a fierce competition at the YMCA Curwood Festival Run. Aaron Lobb and Nick Spannagel ran a speedy 5k while Collin Rose and Casey Rose both decided to go crazy and ran the half marathon. While they didn’t set any records, they were pretty excited to receive their participation awards!

Several members of the DayStarr team enthusiastically passed out Fiber 1 protein bars to race participants. Unfortunately, these fiber bars don’t speed up your internet, but at least they taste good!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the race, donated, and cheered exuberantly from the sidelines. This race is a great event and a fun way to support our local YMCA while getting out in the community. Not to mention, it gave us a good excuse to pig out afterward!