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General Information
Name:            Main Phone Number:
Service Address:
Secondary Address:
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Email:  Last 4 of SSN:
Service Availability ID:   
Existing Customer Account:  

Billing & Account Information
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Internet Package

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Add-on: Home Phone Service Monthly Cost: $15.00 

Essential Information for our Installer Crew
Finished Basement:
Private Utilities:  

Telephone Number Porting Letter of Authorization

July 16, 2024

By signing this letter, I authorize DayStarr Communications to communicate with my current telephone provider ( ) in an effort to port my phone number.

Number to be ported:  

Account Name:  

Account Number:

Account PIN:   

Account Address: ,  

I acknowledge that I am the authorized to make changes with the current provider regarding this phone number. I understand I am responsible to ensure that my business relationship with current provider ends satisfactorily (e.g. paying any remaining balances). I release DayStarr Communications from any liability for performing this request on my behalf. 

Your Full Name as Signature:  

Today's date: July 16, 2024 

Property Owner Authorization

Property Ownership:  

I am authorized to allow DayStarr to install service to this address and I provide permission to DayStarr to install service. The installation process may include drilling holes through walls, attaching fiber cables and splice boxes to the exterior of the building, and trenching cable to the building. 

Your Initials: 

General Terms & Conditions

The term of your contract for services is month to month, and may be canceled at any time. You agree to pay DayStarr Communications a monthly amount of $ in advance of services rendered for the services listed above. Additional taxes and regulatory surcharges will apply telephone services. You are acknowledge that you will be charged an additional $5/month if you elect to receive a paper bill. You agree to pay for any unreturned equipment after this agreement terminates. The current unreturned equipment cost can be found in our Terms & Conditions. You are acknowledging that you have read and agreed to the our Terms & Conditions found on our website:, and understand that we may periodically make changes to the Terms & Conditions without notice.

We are unable to calculate the prorated amount of your of your first bill until your install is complete. Your first bill will be for one and a half to two and half months of service. Your setup fee of will be due prior to scheduling your install. Your first bill will be between $   and $  .

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